Sleep a mess but hanging in there.

I got up late again. I need to shave my legs and armpits but it can wait until tomorrow. I can’t stop falling asleep despite cutting down on drinking alcohol and taking multi vitamins. It can be so annoying. I have literally only just taken the bin out today and did some housework because it was a huge mess in here. The cats have been fed but they are nagging me for the next lot of food for the day. I’m in the bath so they’re going to have to wait for a few minutes. I had to wash out their bowls anyway which are still soaking to get off the dried wet food. I wrote that mum doesn’t listen to me last night on here. It seems that today she isn’t even picking up the phone to me. That is rather petty… I don’t have depression on purpose or anything else health related. I’m trying my best right now.