I slept last night.

I managed to sleep again last night. That is twice this week which is a positive sign. I woke up cold so turned on the heating. I’m now hot so I’ve turned off the heating and opened the window. I had my normal medication, antidepressants, when I woke up a few hours ago. I just took a painkiller for my neck ache which I’ve had for a few days. I don’t know if I accidentally injured myself (everyone who is a regular reader knows what I’m like) or if it’s a side effect of the vaccination. It hurts on one side and feels swollen at the back of my neck. I have quite blocked sinuses due to allergies at the moment so it might be something pressing on a nerve. Something must be on a nerve end because the painkillers don’t completely take it away. That’s not even the side where I had my vaccine.

I think it may have just about stopped raining. I popped out last night to get a few bits before the shop shut. The rain was extremely heavy. I had my car so only got wet a little. I got followed back into my home by Dave the Wandering Cat who was walking around the car park looking drenched. He doesn’t live with me any more but comes in to get some food. He wanted to go out not long after coming in to eat so he must have been heading back to his current home. I can’t keep him 24/7 because Mister doesn’t like him. It causes too many problems and Dave constantly tries to hide from him. Dave seems to be happy with his existence so that is all that matters. I keep an eye on him but he is known by all in the block of flats here. I know that more people than me let him come in.

I’m going to try to get a bit more sleep. I did wake up at 5 AM and it is Sunday. I have everything ready such as my clothes, the washing up pots soaking etc ready for when I get up. I had my breakfast and medication so now I can snooze for an hour before I get up properly.

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