I just can’t any longer!

I cannot stand being constantly hassled by a relative any longer. I will get told to delete this due to how they tell me not to complain in public. I’m tired. Then I’m put in a state of stress by them constantly ringing my house phone earlier. I was chilled enough to sleep. It is Sunday. Then I’m given a list of things that I’m required to do after getting to theirs. That makes me stressed as in my brain I’ve added it to the list that I’ve got to do before I even go out. I get spoken to aggressively and told that I better not ruin the dinner. Then proceeds to tell me I’m a problem drinker and I’m going to end up fatter than I already am. Highlighting the fact that I’ve gained at least a stone. I have cut down on the amount I was drinking but now the stress I get from existing in certain situations makes it difficult to quit for good.