Day: May 9, 2021

  • I’m tired again. I wasn’t able to stay awake.

    I slept last night but I still couldn’t stay awake today. I have a messy flat and was late to mums for dinner. I then got moaned at for being late. I’m struggling and all I get is nagging. Then I’m told that I’m fat because I drink alcohol. I’m too tired most of the […]

  • I just can’t any longer!

    I cannot stand being constantly hassled by a relative any longer. I will get told to delete this due to how they tell me not to complain in public. I’m tired. Then I’m put in a state of stress by them constantly ringing my house phone earlier. I was chilled enough to sleep. It is […]

  • I slept last night.

    I managed to sleep again last night. That is twice this week which is a positive sign. I woke up cold so turned on the heating. I’m now hot so I’ve turned off the heating and opened the window. I had my normal medication, antidepressants, when I woke up a few hours ago. I just […]