I feel like shit, haven’t slept and regret drinking last night.

I ended up drinking 8 little bottles last night. I was doing my university work and just got into a pattern of drinking while I was writing notes and typing up my work. I feel like crap this morning as I haven’t slept, due to sleep pattern being a mess, and feel sick. Why do I fall off the wagon so badly when I decide to chill out? There was no need for me to keep opening another bottle last night but I did it anyway. I can’t go burn off the calories because it’s raining most of today. There is approximately 900 calories in 4 of those bottles. Nearly 2000 calories if you add another 4. Then I’ve eaten food which probably takes me up to at least 3000. Then I don’t even want to think about the total sugar content.

There’s a good reason why I feel terrible this morning. I was doing that regularly which is why I put on a few stone. On a positive note, I have two left in the box which I do not want to drink for at least a few days. I have put myself off of them by over-consuming them last night. I don’t even want to see another bottle right now. I’m feeling hungry but I can’t be because of how many calories I’ve consumed in total. It’s just my body lying to me because I’m tired and more likely dehydrated so actually thirsty. I have been drinking water a little this morning. I can’t drink it much yet due to feeling sick.