Managed two days but small treat at the weekend.

I managed to quit alcohol for two days. I’m treating myself tonight because it’s the weekend and it’s never a good idea to cold turkey from any substance if you’re so used to drinking it. I’m trying to learn control and moderation and this is the way is better to do it. I have them in the house for the weekend and have limited myself to two an evening. I’m not home on one of the evenings so that’s only 4 over the weekend. That’s good considering I used to have 4 little bottle a night. Cut slowly and you don’t get the cravings after a few days. That was me earlier. I’m keeping the boxes to reuse them for things so something good is coming of not completely quitting. I’m going to do some of my university ema soon. I’m just chilling out for a bit after my bath.

I have been very lazy today but after two days of long walks I think I’m allowed to be. I’ve probably walked about 15 miles in total. It’s 4 miles from the edge of the village where I live to Asda and then from Asda to also about 4 miles back via the village next door to where I live. 4 x 2 = 8 (two journeys to Asda) and another 3.1 x 2 = 6.2 (Asda via Ashby road route) totals 14.2.

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