I can’t sleep again… and now it’s basically morning.

It has been one of those no sleep at all nights. I’m feeling too hot which hasn’t been helped by my cat coming to sit next to me. She has jumped off me to go to her food dish now. I didn’t drink alcohol last night for the first time in ages. I feel better already. I don’t have such dry skin. I didn’t buy any more bottles so I couldn’t be tempted to get into a pattern of binge drinking again. I’ve been for long walks two days in a row the last few days. I haven’t done that for a long time. I used to go for a long walk nearly every day. That’s why I used to be slim. That is also why I’ve put a few stone on.

It’s light already so doesn’t even feel like night anymore. The birds are louder when you’ve not slept. I had the window open to let the cats out because this is the time of year they like to be outside most of the day. I’m not chirpy due to not having slept yet. I’m not a morning person as it is… definitely not one when I haven’t been able to sleep.

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