I’m up stupidly late. I got most things done though!

I was meaning to get up much earlier today but it didn’t happen. But I did get on with half the things I should have been doing today. I’m on a walk again because I’m trying to do the whole weight loss thing as well as ditching the alcohol. I felt better for just drinking less last night. I have felt tired (more than normal) since he vaccine but my arm hasn’t even hurt this time around. I spoke to my mum earlier and her skin has reacted to the second one. That happened to me the first time around. I had a sore arm, felt like I had flu etc. It’s common to react to either the first or second but rarely both. They only last about a week at the most. Mine were only bad for like the first few days. I would get seen to if they last longer than a week. I’m surprised that I didn’t even get a sore arm this time. I’ve had dodgy skin but that’s normal for me during allergy season. I’ve been picking lumps off my skin for over a month now. I know it’s bad but it’s such a relief to the itch. I think it might rain soon. I have a massive coat on because the sky looked quite dark when I went out.

The infection rate has gone up again. I did tell everyone at the weekend to not get their hopes up yet when the figures were really low. Those test events have just gone ahead so we won’t know which way it’s going to go yet. I’m going to stress how important it is that people don’t let their guard down because just when you do that something happens which may stop us coming out of restrictions. That’s like a rule they has lasted throughout my life. I have learnt never to chill just in case. It’s just how it is… something will always occur.