The colour is stuck in my hair.

I’ve tried recolouring my hair to remove the green pigment I still have from ages ago. It has faded it but hasn’t removed all of it. It now looks more like an intentional Balayage dye job more than the end growing out. I’ve concluded that this colour just needs to be faded out over time. I don’t use this product often because it smells awful and leaves dry ends despite conditioning well afterwards. I can’t use too much on it until the colour molecules settle down. I can leave it a few days and put my Mayraki deep conditioning repair mask in it. That will take the remainder of the awful smell off of it too! They say that they don’t add ammonia to the product but it smells dodgy. I had a nice bath afterward to get any of the smell off of me. I probably will be smelling it in the air for day!

I won’t find the cat litter trays so bad in comparison when I change the litter in them later on. I’ve already offended my nose with a much worse smell than pee and poop. I can’t let the cats out the front at the moment because there is glass from a broken window (it’s not mine but someone upstairs, before anyone goes and tells my landlord it’s from his property). They’ve boarded up the window but the broken glass has been left on the ground. I don’t want my cats jumping on it and hurting themselves so I will be asking the council to safely get it removed. I don’t judge how the window got broken, none of my business. I’m just concerned about my pets injuring themselves. If they jump out of the window like they normally do then it’s straight where they will land. They might also decide to eat it which would also cause injury to them. I don’t know when it happened but I let them out that window last night. They didn’t get injured yet but the people that boarded the window up may have removed excess glass which ended up on the ground. They shouldn’t leave glass there anyway because it’s a health and safety risk. Kids could fall on it… I could fall on it if I’m clumsy again.

I’m not planning to walk on that grass again even getting the wandering cat from under my window when he’s winding Mister up. I twisted my ankle all the way around nearly a month ago and it’s still hurting just above it and clicks lots. I’m going to wait until it’s been 6 weeks then I’m going to get it seen to if it hasn’t got much better. I stupidly pulled it all the way back round after I did it so may have damaged it. I was more interested about getting up after making a complete tit of myself then how much injury I actually had. I’m naturally clumsy. I barely ever properly injure myself as I seem to bounce. I didn’t bounce that day… it was more of a thud.