Second vaccination done!

I’m so glad that is over. I just hope the side-effects aren’t so bad this time around. I really suffered after the first one. It’s typical that the weather was absolutely awful when I first went out today. The rain has stopped since we got back but I got completely wet feet paws* because of the damn puddles. I am not home until later so I’m hoping they dry off while I’m at my relative’s house this evening. I told the pharmacy about my monthly being a week late. Apparently they haven’t had that side-effect reported yet but I know for a fact that I was due the next day and I’ve had itchy skin since. That is supposed to be a common one and I have allergies anyway which kick off at this time of year. I can’t afford to be ill from the side-effects because my last TMA/EMA is due in the last week of May and they won’t give an extension for the final assignment.

* “Helpfully” edited by v.