Fed up now. I’m also getting stressed because I frustrate myself!

I fell asleep for nearly the entire day again. I have gone for a walk because I need to get out. I’m fed up of my sleep pattern being a mess: I get stressed that I have to be up Monday which is going to be difficult. I’m proud that I can still nearly get into the floor during doing toning exercises after a year of being lazy and chilling via alcohol. I ached this morning but I can still get quite near the floor. I’m sick of my extra flab. I did some things around my flat before going out for a walk because it started raining as soon as I was up and dressed. I have my coat on and am so fed up of putting my hood up and down. It rains one minute and stops the next. It’s too warm for a coat but I don’t fancy getting wet if I walk into a shower that is heavier than the ones I have gone through so far. I also have the most annoying hay fever too which means I’m having to blow my nose so much!

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