Unpopular opinion alert…

I have been watching the news about various celebrities being called out on their conduct. That is absolutely fine but it’s started to go too far beyond giving someone a reprimand for being an abuser. Cancelling their productions isn’t fair. Everyone has to make money and that industry is difficult in regard to the fact that successful projects are the only way to get paid via contracts. Granted, these celebrities probably aren’t short of a few bob but where does it end? There are people who aren’t of that status who cannot afford to lose freelance contractual income. I fully understand the point of view from those that have been abused while working in the industry. It is far from fair but there continues to be a need for balance. I refuse to get into the argument regarding whether particular accused individuals should be allowed to have their work promoted. I just feel that at some point things go way too far.

The current generation doesn’t deal with issues, they merely highlight them and demand justice. I’m someone who wants justice for things that have happened to me but sometimes getting it is impossible. You’re just going to drag your own names through the mud and continually get cross examined by others which is going to have a major impact on your lives. I never saw that when I was younger… a lot of those that believe in cancel culture are much younger than me. It’s not a good move and I’m telling you this from experience before you ruin the next decade of your lives. Holding on to things fighting for justice until it’s valid to let go is a waste of time. It causes more trouble and all parties end up with more bad blood between each other.

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