Sleep pattern better but not fixed yet.

I still slept during the day today but got up a few hours earlier. I went out for a few bits to get out the house. I didn’t get out at all yesterday. I have just finished writing notes for my last assignment of the year for my open university module course. That sounds quite positive apart from the fact that I completely forgot I had a tutorial earlier. I only noticed when I realised what date it was… too late now. It’s recorded so I can still watch it at some point. I got into bed a while ago. I had to remove my cat because she had literally spread herself out from the middle of the bed. She’s small compared to mister but somehow manages to take over the entire area of my small double bed. She’s very comfy as she rolled over and fell back to sleep. I wish that I could sleep as well as a cat. I suppose it helps having no human worries. They literally get everything done for them. I even carry them around sometimes. I’m tired so hopefully I’ll be asleep soon while cuddling Mimi next to me. I can feel my ankle aching again. I don’t need painkillers for it now but it’s still irritating. I have my second vaccination on Monday. I’m hoping that it doesn’t give me too many side effects again. The first one hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m not looking forward to it but will be glad when it’s done.