I know ok. Please can we put the past behind us.

I’m not able to sleep so I will post this before I forget because I keep meaning to do so. I know that someone visits this blog. I can feel it with my natural psychic intuitiveness and can also see it via technology. The stats on my site do not specifically say who the visitors are … I combine things I see on the screen with my ability to read energies. I don’t mind them visiting here. I can’t stop anyone visiting the blog because it’s a public website. I’m not hung up on this person any more. I truly regret what occurred in the past. I have grown up now and quite frankly don’t have the energy to be annoying at the moment. I want us to put the past behind us including discharging any legal orders which were made due to past events. I know that it doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone but on principle I would feel much more relaxed if those things were undone.

I’m not being manipulative. The whole thing put me on edge for a long time and I’m still anxious on a daily basis nowadays. Mentally it would help me a lot if we could just undo everything and draw a line under it. We don’t even have to talk in the future. I have to accept that this is something they never wanted. It doesn’t matter if I wanted to be friends… most of the time the things I want isn’t worth anything to others. I just need closure to live an existence where I’m not constantly on the edge anxious and trying to chill by drinking too much etc. I’m sorry. I know that it doesn’t mean anything to anyone because I can’t change who I am. I can only apologise for who I have been and me when I’m seriously on one about something. I feel terrible about the things I’ve done when I’ve mentally been struggling. I will feel evil for those things my entire life.

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