Slept during the day equals no sleep at night.

I was comfy so I slept the entire day. I woke up about 5 in the afternoon. I didn’t go out for a walk today as I had a bath and did some housework after I finally got up. I have a migraine so I’m most likely off balance in regard to my body day/night clock. I also forgot my medication yesterday which doesn’t help to not feel on edge and frustrated about not being able to sleep now. I shouldn’t have slept all day but I finally felt settled and I needed some sleep because I can’t sleep during the night much at the moment. I’m now suffering the consequences of choosing to not force myself to get up earlier. I don’t feel comfortable and not anxious often so when I’m actually chilled I literally fall asleep. Constant anxiety is tiring when I’m awake.

I have to keep taking a painkiller for my ankle once a day because it still aches after I’ve used it. I think it’s healing quite well but slower in the middle where I still get aches. I’m doing well considering that I could barely walk without being in severe pain for 2 days after I injured it. I thought I had broken it due to how painful it was to walk even around my home. It turned around when I fell and I (maybe stupidly) pulled it back around into normal position again. I figured that if it was dislocated or something the best option was to put it right while still in pain on the floor. I’m sure that if I had any broken bones I wouldn’t have been able to get up. The third day I was in pain but able to walk to the co-op for a pack of painkillers. The first two days I numbed the pain with alcohol as I had that at home.

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