Today has been completely horrendous. But… tidy hair.

I’ve literally have had one of those days. I put a new top on which i realised wasn’t flattering around the waist area. I look in the mirror and just plainly feel fat because I’m not used to being curvier yet. I shouldn’t have these types of top on until I have exercised the fat off my middle. I felt better when I saw fatter women outside on my way to hairdresser and back. I have much lighter hair which is the only positive so far today. I feel like my blouse is very clingy around places that aren’t flattering. I have scabby skin on my back too which is getting irritating. The cat kept me awake most of the night. He kept wanting to come in and out the window. Then I discovered that he was the one that dug the hole outside my window which injured my ankle the other week. I didn’t get much done before I went for my hair appointment as I got up later than planned due to mister being a pain in the ass all night. I’m not comfortable right now because my allergies are at their worse. I hate my skin being like this but my weight gain on top is even worse.

I know I’m not that big but I’m not used to this size yet. That bmi thing will say I’m overweight because even smaller I was classed in that category. I just want to chill. I’m absolutely sick of the beauty standards backed up by medical professionals. There is a brand that has come out with a ‘plus size model’ … she looks only slightly larger than the average used by brands. She had absolutely no fat on her. That isn’t a positive message to give to young women who aren’t naturally skinny. People are getting larger on average … ironically those from more deprived backgrounds have more weight on them. That makes a mockery of the constant message about being fat because you overindulge. They can’t afford to consume too much. They seriously do need to start looking at the chemicals that are put in our food. You only have to look at America who have chemicals in all their foods. They are built bigger than us and other nationalities around the world. These chemicals shouldn’t be in our food. There are other options but companies won’t use them because it’s not the cheapest option. Even the alcohol companies could reduce the sugar in their drinks and it would still taste ok.

One thought on “Today has been completely horrendous. But… tidy hair.

  1. Totally agree with you about the beauty industry. I don’t know what you look like to comment on how you look but it’s the person inside that matters.


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