Has anyone felt too tired to actually live life?

I know that I’m worn out but never quite felt like this before… it’s much worse than all the other times I’ve reached burn out point. I feel like sleeping 24/7. I had to force myself to get up for hairdresser appointment today. I only lasted a few hours before I had to go to bed. I have no energy and if I try to force myself to do stuff I suffer afterwards. I thought I would be better by now because I started taking vitamins again. I feel more tired than before I restarted them. I can still feel my ankle injury slightly in the middle of my lower shin just above my ankle. I can walk now. I haven’t walked as normal too much yet. I should go to the doctors but they just brush me off. I haven’t got the energy to nag them to try find out why I’m like this… they blame depression or anaemia. That is the stigma I deal with when it comes to the medical profession. Even if a person with some form of mental illness etc actually had something like cancer they would still rather say it’s all in their head rather than find the actual reason. I’m not depressed, I’m tired. I know the difference between tiredness caused by depression and physical tiredness. I’m not stupid. I haven’t felt right in a while but I know I will be ignored if I go to the GP.

2 thoughts on “Has anyone felt too tired to actually live life?

  1. I have the daily same struggles, I’m 48 now, not sure how old you are (sorry haven’t checked in, as been doing 12 hours sleep, 12 hours awake for months now) I got like this in my childhood but its ongoing, I am still here so my depression hasn’t led to a fatal outcome!

    I have personally been trying to find “interests” to keep brain occupied – there is loads of stuff online – I look at stuff from Elon Musk (space X) virtual reality (Oculus/Facebook) and just looking at crafts ideas, my theory is if I could make some cash I could be of some use, but did Artists/Creative/business block and end up staying in bed. Bit of sunshine helps x


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