The autism awareness/acceptance month article… can I clarify a few things?

I would just like to clarify a few things regarding the article I agreed to appear in this month. I don’t think it’s come across correctly. I’m definitely not looking for anyone… also I’m not lonely. The article was not meant to come across like I wanted to meet someone because I was lonely. I don’t feel that my story was told properly. They didn’t mention half the things I’ve been through due to legal restrictions (newspapers can get sued if they release stories of babies being adopted and details of cases that became legal). I have the most severe migraine at the moment so maybe I won’t even put this correction right. I didn’t want the focus on the fact that I’d never had a proper relationship. That isn’t my goal in life. I agreed to the article because I wanted to promote the blog and expose how badly autistic people get treated. They didn’t mention any of the important things.