I’ve had better days.

I tried to burn the candle at both ends and now am suffering for that decision. I woke up with W raging migraine. I managed to get nearly all my notes written for my final TMA/ema. I did have a few alcoholic drinks to keep me going so maybe that wasn’t a good idea. I actually started understanding the stuff last night. That’s taken two academic years but it doesn’t confuse me any more. I’m still not sure that I want to go on to further levels to complete degree. It depends what legal topics are on the choses. Some areas are completely dull or complex to understand. We can start branching out in to our own area of expertise at level 2. I know the routes I definitely don’t want to go down. I have time to decide but that makes it worse. You’re waiting until June/July to find out that you have passed the current level and only then can you even chose the next module. I like to make snap decisions because then I don’t hate myself for them so much if they turn out to be a bad idea. I’ve learnt that this approach is irritating to others when it comes to relationships but it will literally never get boring being with me. I want to settle but there are certain ways I can function better in life. I have a nose like a tap which is making my walk a cycle of drink and blow my nose. This is quite irritating but I need to get out for a bit.