This is what hurts the most.

I don’t care what people think about me. They have a right to their own opinion. People cannot be expected to be open minded all the time. I’ve been judgmental about things and others in my life. We all do it because that is human nature. I’ve developed a thick skin due to my life experiences. The thing that hurts the most is the fact that the people I trusted way back as a youngster said certain things on record behind my back. I spent an extended amount of time with some of those people. That is what hurts me the most. I’m shocked at some things I dug up but not surprised. I feel like I was completely failed unknowingly growing up. I would be less upset about it if the labels hadn’t destroyed my life. I can’t get my son back from adoption. That’s not forgetting being labelled a criminal, sectioned and at one point imprisoned.

The system has to learn that they cannot label kids who are different from school because everything that is written gets filtered through into their adulthood. I deserved so much better. I won’t ever have a normal life and I can’t trust people ever again after what was done to me. I only ever wanted a friend initially but ended up labelled because I wanted friends older than me (which meant the teachers at school). How is that fair? Yes, when I was younger I made some rather naive decisions but none of them was made in malice. I didn’t see the world the same as other kids my age. That never made me a danger or potential trouble. I was young, inexperienced and full of energy which I used in written form. I wasn’t aware that I was naturally psychic and assumed everyone had certain abilities. I didn’t know what you were expected to hide from the outside world.