Quick update on my way to bed…

I literally was busy since I got up today. I didn’t get up till late because my monthly was at its worse. I think I slept through the worst of it … I should be okay now as I’m passed my heaviest days. It hasn’t been too bad but I’ve taken my medication which has kept it mostly under control. I was a little afraid of what might occur this month because I took the iron tablets and they have a habit of making it stupidly heavy. I felt awful but that’s not abnormal for me. I got up and was absolutely fine today. I took a short walk down the town and back to ease my ankle back into exercise. It still aches a bit but at least I can walk without it getting painful now. I had my tutorial for my uni module this evening. I was tidying and cleaning bits of my home in between.

I am now ready to sleep again. I’m wiped out so easily because I’m always low on iron by this point. I’m hoping that I wake up feeling normal tomorrow. I don’t quite feel back to normal at this point. I can do more but my energy levels are still low. I ate a reasonable dinner with vegetables and vegan steak pukka pie. I eat mostly vegetarian things but they still contain iron. I ate a healthy dinner the night before but I wasn’t well the day before that which led to me throwing in low fat chips and quorn nuggets in the oven because my head was banging so I didn’t want to mess around.

Mister is sending you all a high five!