I’m too tired to fight. I’ve had my karma.

I just want to say that if anyone does have it in for me then I surrender. I do not have the energy to fight any longer. I’m tired mentally, physically and emotionally. I desire a peaceful life. I do realise that expressing any views on a public blog risks that this won’t happen. We are all legally entitled to freedom of expression. That includes when it comes to sharing our truth about our reality as autistic people. There are those that won’t agree with me. I know this. There is no need to attack me or do things behind my back (which is somewhat worse). I’ve had my karma. I don’t deserve any more crap. I have been tired enough to completely walk away from the whole fighting for awareness/acceptance goal. I didn’t because I want to fight for change. Life is a daily battle being autistic anyway. I just see a light at the end of the tunnel if I keep being my authentic self, own my truth to push a shift in attitudes within society regarding prejudice towards autistic people. I’m struggling with daily life at the moment. I don’t need hassle. I don’t want to fight with anyone or be anyone’s target to destroy. I don’t have the energy for that constant battle anymore. I spent most of my younger years fighting. I had the inner energy to fight then. That spark that kept me going has burnt out now. I have always managed to bounce back but not any longer. Please don’t start on me or try to cause trouble because I don’t have the strength to deal with it anymore.