Chilled out evening. / just noticed my hair is falling out in bigger amounts than I thought.

Okay, I didn’t get up until late but went for a walk after finally getting up. I got up to have something to eat and take my medication this morning but my hay fever is beyond ridiculous today. I bought a toilet roll on my walk because I know my nose is going to be constantly running. I was right it has been a complete nightmare. I am also not taking a bath as soon as I get in because apparently it washes off the vitamin d from your skin as it takes an hour to soak in. That may explain why my skin is getting really dry. I didn’t know it had to soak in. I never take vitamins the week of my monthly because it causes them to get heavier.

I must be lacking something because my nails are breaking and I’ve noticed thin patches in my hair. I have a reasonable diet so I don’t get why these things are happening. I’ve drank a lot less alcohol this week before anyone starts with that one. I might be one of those annoying people who cannot absorb vitamins from food. I never used to be like that before I went through the trauma of my sons adoption etc. I can’t believe how much hair I’ve lost. I knew it kept falling out because I found a layer of hair on my bathroom floor when I brush it in there. I find it all over my house but it is worse where u brush it as it comes out more. I need to start taking vitamins to see if it helps but there is no way I can take them one week a month because it will make things too bad. I used to take vitamins when I went the gym etc but not now. I was reminded by a friend (younger than me) that I was getting old yesterday. I am fully aware that soon I will be in my mid 30s. It definitely isn’t like being in your 20s.