I think I’ve worked out the mystery of the erased parts of blog entries.

I feel well enough to work on the security of the blog now. The password has been changed so the only way that the person can get in again is via hacking. The password is something only I’d know. There’s no way that anyone can possibly guess the info. Hacking is illegal and if I catch anyone trying to hack the blog I will definitely be reporting them. In relation to the previous security breaches where content was deleted. I now think I know where that may have came from. I’m judging by the things that got deleted. I was on about school days, the headteacher and her husband who clearly had it in for me after I came across some notes which the system has tried to hide from me for years. It can’t be that ironic the parts covering that time got deleted. I know that her husband worked in computer engineering or something along them lines. I can’t accuse anyone outright but they would have the skills to carry out that particular task and would delete a part where I basically called them scum for getting me labelled for life. I don’t know but I’ve made sure that no one can mess with my blog post content again.