I’m half better.

I still have an awful migraine. I have full sinuses because my hay fever has filled up my head. I’m feeling slightly better today though. I have managed to do some of the housework. The cat isn’t too happy about that because I have cleared up all the mess he made when he knew I was too ill to pay attention. I’ve cleaned all his pee spots where he has marked while I wasn’t up to being in front of him.

I’ve had completely enough of my gas/electric company. They update their system to something that is more complex and disorganised than the non smart system. We have got sent HDI displays which is now the only way we can see our credit. Then they make us all download an app. We can’t use the old system because that was discontinued yesterday. I have tried to register to use the new system but it just isn’t working. I’m trying to sort it with them but getting no where.