I feel delicate this morning.

I decided to have a few drinks after completing my TMA last night. I totally regret it. I don’t normally get hangovers but this morning I did get one. I may be suffering more because my monthly is also currently on this week. I feel extremely unwell. I have allergies anyway which is making my eyes runny and sore. I can’t drink anymore because it’s no longer fun when the next day comes. I feel old at the moment. I never realised how all your bad habits come back to bite you when approaching mid 30s. I used to be able to abuse my body with painkillers, daily long walks, barely any sleep etc. That doesn’t work now. I’m over the hill when it comes to being passed my best. I live in a mess. I feel a mess in myself. I haven’t coped well for a long time. I just got on with things in my own chaotic way. I just can’t right now. That may be hormone related but it’s still causing huge issues.