I don’t feel well.

I am feeling extremely ill. I did drink a bit too much quite fast last night but I am also on my monthly. That is about to kick off at the end of my hangover. I also have hay fever which is adding an unpleasant edge to everything. I’m going to try get an early night before my monthly gets too heavy. I barely had the energy go wash my hair. The housework was just too much. I only washed my hair because it had products built up making it feel dry and dirty. It was due the weekly wash so that’s done for this week. I’m going to end up completely wiped out by the end of my monthly week anyway. I end up anaemic by the time it’s over. I take my medication but it’s like fighting a losing battle. I took my iron tablets during the time I wasn’t on. I don’t take them for more than two weeks because when my monthly does happen the excess iron makes them heavier. They’re bad enough without the iron supplements. It is truly a cycle of hell. It’s so annoying that doctors can’t do anything about PMS-related issues. I always feel like I’m being ridiculous if I visit the GP about it. It’s a normal thing that I should just cope with … it should be easy because as a female I’m built to have them.

I felt in so much discomfort earlier that I ended up crying feeling completely overwhelmed. That emotional impact is tiring too. I get told I’m being grumpy or just a plain bitch if I get emotional during my cycle. I’m told that this isn’t only me. I’m aware that men are quite cautious when it comes to potentially triggering women at the emotional time of their cycle. We may get angry and act crazy but there’s no need to be afraid. Women aren’t afraid of upsetting each other because we know how it is. I also get extremely competitive with other women during hormonal changes. I don’t want to be competitive but that side of my natural nature comes out. I do want to sort out the blog after finding several pieces of entries missing. I just want to sleep at the moment. I should be ok in a few days. I will then get on to trying to fix what I found was no longer there.