Busy week. I won’t be here much.

I have just done the first part of my TMA for open university module. I still have a bit to do but now I no longer have writers block. I found it impossible to start for weeks. I have a lot of housework to do … it’s starting to get irritating just looking at the dirt. I need to start exercising again when my ankle is properly healed. I have gained weight and it doesn’t make me feel any better when I am also bloated. I can feel my ankle getting stronger so should be at least able to go for a walk soon. I wanted to go back to the gym but I don’t think my ankle is going to be up to that for a while. I can try to reduce my waist size without having to stand on my ankle. I don’t have scales any longer after my last ones got broken. I don’t want to really think about how much weight I may have put on. I’m even not fitting my newest bra properly. That one used to be comfortable… now I can feel it going up my back. I know that I can’t drink alcohol regularly without exercising daily because I just bulge. I couldn’t do anything when I couldn’t even walk due to my ankle injury. I started losing weight before that happened after many long walks. That is now all reversed which is quite annoying.

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