I’m quitting drinking alcohol.

I know that this will come as a surprise to people because I said that I enjoyed my drinking habit. I used it to chill out every evening. I have started experiencing adverse effects which aren’t nice. The weight gain is one of those things that I’m not too fussed about. I keep getting skin problems … like sores on my face. I’m not quitting straight way because that will cause me withdrawal issues that can also be very irritating. I am going to slowly reduce to nothing. I went from drinking 4 little bottles to 8 and then sometimes 10 a night. It makes me dehydrated if nothing else. I have to reclaim my discipline when it comes to moderation even if I don’t quit straight away. I don’t get hung over … I just get other random effects like skin issues. I’m bloated at the moment because next week is that time of the month for me. I can’t do much about the excess bloat straight away as this takes a while to control.