I didn’t hide all day.

I had the plan to hide all day but I eventually got up and went out. I am walking but it far because of my ankle. I am finding my hay fever much more annoying today. I’m blowing my nose constantly. I’m always buying tissues but never seem to take enough in my bag when I’m out. I always end up buying extra when I’m popping the shop on a walk or something. I can smell the pollen in the air so that explains my allergies. I end up with a painful ankle every time I stop so I’m definitely going wrong feel it when I get back.

I didn’t actually check my phone the entire morning. That is unusual for me. I just switched off and refused to function. That is me knowing that I’m hurting but I just won’t feel it because if I do then nothing will get done. There is nothing to gain by feeling hurt… it won’t get my win returned me. I absolutely refuse to feel emotions that won’t change anything. There is no point after all this time being upset over something that refuses to change. Our system isn’t going to become fair or level out any time soon.