I managed to get out for a bit.

I rearranged my eyebrow wax for today. I have dropped into a relatives to give them something I ordered for them online. Afterwards, I walked around town, got a subway and then went to Sainsbury’s to get a few bits on the way back to the car. I can feel my ankle kicking off so obviously the sprain isn’t completely better yet. It’s still swollen. I had a swollen ankle and leg by the time I got back to my car. I tried my best but I don’t think it’s ready for even short walks yet. I was definitely going to have a subway while I was down the town. It was worth the walk. I cleaned my flat before I went out. I need to change my bedding to wash it when I get back but at least I’m able to do more now. There have been times I’ve just wanted to sleep. It’s hard dragging an injured ankle around all the time. I started my open university module TMA. I need to do that when I get home as my extension is only until next Thursday. I really don’t feel up to doing the course but I have to see it through until the end of the module.