Things just feel a bit ‘wrong’ tonight.

I sincerely hope that I’m not the only one feeling certain things tonight. The cats are even acting a bit odd so I know I’m not imagining stuff. They are both a lot quieter than normal and have no interest in going outside. I have sore skin but that could just be me with allergies etc. There is barely any noise outside. It’s eerily quiet. I could only hear the nearby train crossing siren going off. Occasionally it is very quiet after a certain time around here. However, tonight it just has an odd feeling to it. I’m not sure what it is but the cats can definitely feel whatever it is too. I have felt it earlier today too. Colours are more vivid than normal. I just can’t understand what is ‘different’. I definitely know I’m not insane. I heard my name being said earlier when I was half asleep. I didn’t think anything of it. It didn’t freak me out because it was during the day.

I’m used to certain things with my gifts (well I see them as a curse) so it takes a lot to make me start to wonder. I have made it clear to the spirit world that I will never be a medium. I don’t mind feeling/sensing things but I do not want to hear stuff. That is my line… hearing stuff just scares me. I hear my name from time to time but I would be petrified for that side to develop. It might have been my dad saying Emma earlier as it was a male voice. I see him in dreams occasionally and that isn’t a problem. He knew that I could pick things up when he was alive.

I don’t think the feelings I’ve got tonight and the eerie quietness outside is on a personal level. I cannot be the only one picking it up. I know others have the same abilities. The cats are even confirming my suspicions due to the way they’re acting out of character.

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  1. Dehydration, possibly, the air’s been very dry (apparently the reason it snowed) and I find that can set off my migraines, which can be sans headache but do weird things with colours, sounds and my sense of perspective.

    But weird can also be an explanation. Sometimes things just are.

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