I used my sunflower lanyard for the first time today.

sunflower lanyard for hidden disabilities 🌻

I’ve had this lanyard for two or more weeks now. I hadn’t used it to go to the shop until today. No one challenged me for not wearing a mask when they saw the lanyard. I have extremely bad allergies on top of my autism sensitivities at the moment. Wearing a mask makes my eyes sore and they don’t stop running. The same happens with my nose. It has got extremely uncomfortable recently. I carry a mask in my bag just in case I go in a place that doesn’t want to make exceptions. I’ve got to the point where my eyes and nose are constantly irritated by masks. I still kept my distance from others because I don’t know if they’re carrying the virus. I’m only half vaccinated so not fully protected against the worse case scenario of the virus.

Apparently, we are expecting an actual zombie apocalypse next. The government have actually made a contingency plan for the event and everything. So they think that the victims of the pandemic are going to become zombies? Next they’ll be sealing graves with concrete cement or start insisting on compulsory cremation. I’m open minded but zombies are fictional. There’s absolutely no way that they can exist in reality. Dead bodies are able to move involuntarily after death (due to the gases left behind) but not chase people demanding to eat their brains etc. I’m not sure that it would be worth collecting human brains on this planet. Common sense doesn’t exist to the point where we’re having to put labels on things that should obviously appear dangerous. Seriously, they’d be wasting their time here.

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