I just can’t today ok.

I didn’t sleep much last night. I have allergies so my eyes are constantly running which has made them sore. I still have an ache in my ankle too. I cancelled all my plans for the day because I’m uncomfortable and tired. Both my cats have joined me. They like collectively sleeping next to me while I’m in bed. They are comforting when I feel like crap. I hope I’m not allergic to them though. If that yellow stuff is flowering in the fields then that explains my allergies. I react to that stuff every single year. I get skin rashes all over my hands and arms when the pollen from that plant is in the air. I can’t get rid of it when the rash flairs up. I have to just let it pass on it’s own. I tried creams but the itch doesn’t really go away. The part around my fingers are the worse to stop itching.

I will get up at some point but not going outside today. I have a few things to do in here. I have let things get a bit messy and it’s starting to irritate me. I have to tidy up so that I am able to think enough to study etc.

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