It’s opening day!!!

We have officially reached the 12th April. This is the day that the UK starts to open after lockdown! I may give it a miss though because can you imagine the rush of crowds to places like Primark… their staff have been bracing themselves for the queues. I hope that people are sensible otherwise we will end up going back into restrictions again. I have my second dose of the vaccine next month. I’m still apprehensive about having it because apparently you get a worse reaction to the second dose. I reacted to the first. I liked how much it made me sleep. That was a nice feeling when I have insomnia a lot. I try not to listen to the horror stories and just get through what the next few months is going to bring. I’m getting my hair cut and eyebrows tidied up which will make me feel a bit better.

I have the mother of all bruises coming up around my ankle. I guess that means it’s healing. I can still feel it stretching and my ankle joint still clicks. I also dropped tea all down my clean clothes earlier. I get random jerks when I’m holding things like tea. It literally jerked and the tea went all the way down my front. The tea ended up on my bra so I had to put them in the dirty laundry when I got home. It wouldn’t have been as bad if the clothes hadn’t been clean just out of the wash.

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