I had a lazy day. I needed to do as little as possible.

I do feel bad for being lazy but I did do a few bits to tidy up. I hadn’t been able to do much around here due to my ankle injury. I had to keep sitting down after it started hurting. It has been stiff but a lot better today. I’m hoping that I can drive because I haven’t tried to do that yet. I’ve got to drive somewhere a few times this coming week. The side of my injury is not helpful as I have to press the clutch down with that foot. That may hurt as my ankle isn’t feeling that strong yet. It aches when I put weight on my ankle but it’s not painful like it was the first two days. I seem to heal a lot quicker than I used to do. I have tried to build myself up during lockdown ready for the rat race of normal life to return.

I’m still tired a lot but I can heal an injury in a week. I’m not going for a long walk until I know my sprain has properly healed. I learned my lesson from my knee injury. I never let it properly heal for a long time which left me with a swollen knee for many years. I went the gym with my leg like that too. I had to have it drained because the fluid got trapped in my knee cap. I was only young when I first injured my knee at the gym. I assumed that, as I was in my early 20s, I would heal quite quickly. I was wrong. That injury reoccurred for years. I’m more patient than I used to be. I think that’s an age thing. I’m also too tired to be bothered by much now I’m approaching my mid 30s. I seem to ache a lot since I reached this age. I hear that many people start getting achy around that age. I’m also told that it just progresses as you get older. Backache becomes just one of those daily things etc. That has always been a thing during my monthly. I have a sore lower back when that department kicks off. That luckily goes away eventually but I’m not looking forward to that stage of my life. Ageing really doesn’t sound pleasant. I’m bad enough during my cycle now. I hate to think what menopausal me will be like.

I’m off to sleep before I end up awake too long during nighttime hours. I’m able to sleep better recently but still have the odd night where I cannot get to sleep. I think the washing machine is refusing to work again. That can wait until the morning because it won’t reset itself for hours after it gets stuck.

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