I feel off…

I don’t know if anyone else gets this is the only way I can describe it. I’m not feeling ill. I just feel like something is off when it comes to my sensory system. I just sometimes feel uncomfortable. The things, like fabrics, touching my skin feel rough. They can be the softest material ever but when I’m feeling this way it will be like sandpaper on my skin. Everything feels heavy on my skin. I’ve felt like I can’t settle despite going bed earlier. I keep feeling an ache under one of my boobs. I just want to sleep but my sensory system is on overload. I randomly switch into this mode. Apparently this is an autistic thing. I’ve never saw it as exclusively autism related. I grew up thinking that feeling off in this way was something most people felt when stressed.

One thought on “I feel off…

  1. Yeah, I get that. Sometimes associated with this thing where everything smells and tastes acrid, which isn’t nice. I’ve also wondered if it’s related to migraines: not all come with a headache but I can get the ones where everything is too bright and loud, my vision goes fuzzy and sense of perspective goes all weird (I mean how I feel rather than how things look: I feel really small and the environment much too big, people’s voices sound odd and they’re both too near and too far all at once, stuff like that) and then there’s the skin sensitivity thing which is really irritating considering it’s already turned up to 11.

    I just had to get up (at something like 3:20am…) because I felt that today, the temperature also setting it off. My skin feels so cold it burns in spite of the thermometer saying 24⁰C. 😐


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