I have decided what I’m going to do.

I am going to start off with expressing my sincere condolences to the queen and other members of the royal family after the death of Prince Phillip today. He never wanted a fuss but the queen especially must be feeling quite heartbroken as she has just lost her husband of 73 years. It’s a sad announcement but he did a lot with his life up until his death aged 99. He was also quite attractive in his younger days.

I spoke to my tutor regarding the stress of trying to finish my degree. She’s put me in touch with a person that I can speak to in regard to what extra support they can offer me. I agreed that I would finish the module which includes a few more TMAs until end of the academic year. If I complete the second level 1 module I can claim my certificate in higher education law. If I stopped now I’d have to contact student services and wouldn’t be eligible for a certificate in recognition for the level 1 modules completed.

I can walk better than yesterday. The ankle is still hurting and feels like it’s stretching while I’m using it. I got some painkillers to take the edge off of the injury while it’s healing. They are anti inflammatory so it should take swelling down too. I just got home from walking to the shop and back which was half an hour walk on my ankle. It does look a little angry as it’s swollen larger. It doesn’t help with socks on at the moment. I got back and had a bath which has helped a little. That could be the painkillers kicking in though.

7 thoughts on “I have decided what I’m going to do.

  1. I think if you can complete enough of it to get your certificate, that would be a really good move. It sounds like you need a bit of a break so I’m going to break with tradition and for once won’t nag you to do your degree. Hopefully this will count towards it if you decide to resume it later but I think whichever way it goes, this should take a lot of the pressure off you, something that’s obviously been really building up. It’s hard to get anything done with really shitty sleep, especially when it requires a lot of concentration so I think it’s pretty awesome you’ve got to this point and it seems like a good time to review things.

    And it sounds like you’ve stopped drinking that awful green fizzy stuff too! :p


  2. Good luck with whatever you decide to do study wise Emma. You could try putting some ice or a bag of frozen peas or frozen sweetcorn on your ankle to see it it helps to take the swelling down.


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