I just made a decision due to stress.

I am feeling slightly fed up as I cannot walk properly yet. I may be too stress driven due to the frustration of being injured. I hate feeling stuck in the house. I can’t even walk around my home for long without my ankle swelling in pain. It’s not as painful as yesterday but I’m still not able to do things properly. It took me twice as long to just vacuum and change my duvet/pillow covers. I feel like everything is just a huge effort. I cannot move without feeling like I’m dragging my leg while it is painful. I know it’s getting better but not quick enough. I only got injured yesterday but I’m extremely impatient as a person.

I have just informed my tutor that I’m hating my degree course and cannot do the work any longer. I’ve just got to the point where I’ve had enough of it. Degrees don’t make a person. I don’t have to justify my existence by getting a degree. I am doing myself no favours mentally by continuing with it if it’s making me hate every minute of the degree. I don’t want to feel stressed by just thinking about it. I just want to be free and that makes me feel weighed down.