Cat mum life can be hazardous :(

I got up after the wandering cat came to my window meowing. I got dressed, collected post and proceeded to go let him in. I was talking on the phone multitasking so wasn’t looking where I was walking. I stood on uneven ground and my ankle tipped. I do that every so often so wasn’t really concerned. I now have an ankle that keeps clicking and hurts. I can walk so it came be broken. It’s probably just swollen. I have it up and having a glass of alcohol so it should numb some of the pain. I don’t have any painkillers in my cupboard. I got housework to do so if it numbs it for a few hours it would help me out a bit. The cat knows I’m hurt so won’t leave my place yet. I’m probably more injured than I assume. Cats just know these things. He’s also getting old so he comes inside places to have a rest more often. I just hope that my cats don’t start any crap with him. They seem to be tolerating each other at the moment. At least they aren’t being complete assholes while I’m unable to get up for a few hours. They can behave if they want to do so… even Mister.

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