Being me actually benefits me post pandemic times.

I’ve recently received a few comments regarding how people love the rawness of my writing and the style of brutal honesty. I used to get into trouble for expressing myself in this manner before the pandemic. I’m glad that things have somewhat improved in respects of minority groups not being punished for speaking out. I’ve always believed in not being silent about things that society keep hidden. Vulnerable people have continually been subjected to awful experiences and until recently these were swept under the rug. Those that dared to speak up about these things were labelled negatively and punished so that they would NEVER open their mouths again. I don’t allow punishments to silence me. People have given up trying to silence me after years of trying to reach that goal. I won’t shhh about things that are totally wrong. I just can’t do that. I feel guilty when I do keep quiet about things which isn’t my place to divulge to anyone. Sometimes it isn’t my place to say certain things. I can only expose what I’ve seen and experienced first hand. I will always have this style that multiple visitors have said they love.

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