Weight loss has random side effects :/

I have lost a bit of weight since I started walking regularly. I have cut down on alcohol and fizzy drinks too. I feel worse for trying to get healthy. I hope it gets better as I get used to the new lifestyle. I don’t even feel hungry much. I think my stomach has shrunk. I only ate one meal today and felt sick after eating it. I have never needed to eat as much food as an average person because of being built quite small. I’ve never felt sick from being too full before. Exercise is meant to be good for you. I’m starting to question that. I just feel achy and exhausted after going for walks. I would go back the gym (not been in about 4 years) but it seems too hard work. I feel tired just thinking about using the gym equipment. I join those places, go there for a while and then never go again. I like the thought of being slim but can’t be bothered to make an effort to reach that goal. I’m always too tired. I even felt dizzy on my walk earlier. I didn’t eat before I went out because I wasn’t hungry. I did eat when I got back but it made me feel sick. This exercise stuff is just wearing me out.

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