Day: April 6, 2021

  • I’m going to bed early. I just can’t do anymore today!

    I m already in bed despite getting up later. I just don’t like even being awake today. I’m hoping that I wake up in a better mood tomorrow. I’m trying not to feel bad about being depressed. It’s hard though. I know it isn’t a choice but I feel responsible for not being able to […]

  • Depression is quite bad today :(

    I woke up so depressed. It comes out of no where. I have no energy and have just wanted to sleep most of today. I found out that my TMA for degree module has to be in on Thursday. I have managed to get an extension for a week. I just don’t want to do […]

  • Weight loss has random side effects :/

    I have lost a bit of weight since I started walking regularly. I have cut down on alcohol and fizzy drinks too. I feel worse for trying to get healthy. I hope it gets better as I get used to the new lifestyle. I don’t even feel hungry much. I think my stomach has shrunk. […]