Bank holiday Monday … I slept most of it!

I woke up late but was browsing my phone for hours. TikTok is a time wasting creation. I checked my blog mails too in case there was anything important within the masses of unread emails. I can’t wait for my eyebrows to be done. They look awful in certain lights! I have a runny nose because my hay fever has got bad. The weather is nice but absolutely freezing. I’m walking in a huge coat. It looks nice and warm when you look out the window but don’t be deceived. I had to get out for W but. I’m fed up of being inside. I’m not avoiding again. I’ve done some things that I needed to do before I went out. It’s Easter Monday. I refuse to do my studying and work related stuff on certain days now. If I’m ever going to officially work I need to establish firm boundaries so I don’t end up working all the time. I have distanced myself from people for the same reason. I won’t get any peace if I don’t do that. I have to learn the ropes of being normal to ever have a normal life. I’m still tired despite sleeping most of the day.

The elitism of autism awareness month is already starting to irritate me. I don’t believe that any organisations should be making huge amounts of money from an illness. They don’t even put it back into their work. It’s not fair. Those of us that have these things live in poverty (benefits in the UK). We can never progress in life. Then there are those working on the top levels of these organisations to literally own many things due to our misfortunes. There is too much money in the hierarchy of organisations that were created to support those in difficult circumstances. Then there are people who assume that we all have carers… absolutely not! Some of us are literally running certain aspects of our family circumstances due to others not being able to do certain things! I take care of myself. That is how it has always been and this is how it’s going to always be.

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