Today has already been a nightmare.

I found out that potentially the pharmacy isn’t open today due to it being good Friday. They definitely won’t be open on Monday because it’s bank holiday. I have one antidepressant left which I could possibly miss out tomorrow, take the last one on Sunday. This means it’s still in my system by Tuesday when the pharmacy opens after bank holiday. I should have picked them up before now. It’s totally my fault as my sleep pattern has left everything upside down. I would have picked it up today if I’d have realised it was a long bank holiday weekend.

I’ve also woken up to my cat (mister) having a bad stomach. I’m hoping that he hasn’t been poisoned. He seems quite grumpy and refuses to come out from under my bed. I cleaned all the litter trays out while nearly heaving from the smell he left in there. I’m worried because there has been cats poisoned within the local area recently. The other cat seems ok but I know what mister is like … he will eat anything he finds on the floor that he establishes as some kind of food. The other cats died. Many dogs have also been poisoned around the local area too. He must be ill because he isn’t interested in food today. That is how I know something is wrong with mister as he will eat 24/7 if you let him.

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