Month: April 2021

  • Unpopular opinion alert…

    I have been watching the news about various celebrities being called out on their conduct. That is absolutely fine but it’s started to go too far beyond giving someone a reprimand for being an abuser. Cancelling their productions isn’t fair. Everyone has to make money and that industry is difficult in regard to the fact […]

  • I learned to embrace the darkness.

    I didn’t get better. I only learned to accept the dark painful parts of life. I had to do that otherwise I’d get depressed about so much of my life which I can never change. I’m not free from my personal hell which regularly takes over my mind. The past never truly goes away. The […]

  • I know ok. Please can we put the past behind us.

    I’m not able to sleep so I will post this before I forget because I keep meaning to do so. I know that someone visits this blog. I can feel it with my natural psychic intuitiveness and can also see it via technology. The stats on my site do not specifically say who the visitors […]

  • Sleep pattern better but not fixed yet.

    I still slept during the day today but got up a few hours earlier. I went out for a few bits to get out the house. I didn’t get out at all yesterday. I have just finished writing notes for my last assignment of the year for my open university module course. That sounds quite […]

  • Slept during the day equals no sleep at night.

    I was comfy so I slept the entire day. I woke up about 5 in the afternoon. I didn’t go out for a walk today as I had a bath and did some housework after I finally got up. I have a migraine so I’m most likely off balance in regard to my body day/night […]