Everyone should really do this at some point.

I happened to look up how many people had the same name as me on the directory website. I didn’t expect to find so many in the local area. I didn’t live in this locality between 2006 and 2012. This is the importance of making sure all records have your middle name. I am the L one but it seems that the one with the initial J has lived in quite a few areas within the county. I am sure there is at least three others with my forename and surname locally. I assure you that this isn’t me. I have made sure that I am ex directory nowadays because I’m aware that bloggers can acquire stalkers via online platforms due to previous experiences when my son was born. I always knew that there was another person with my forename with the surname spelt differently when I was younger living here. They were a lot older than me at that point.

I just thought the spelling wasn’t common unless you lived in Scotland. How do I know that one of these Emma’s without the initials hasn’t previously stolen my identity to cover up something illegal? I had my identity stolen in regards to my national insurance number as a teenager. It was found to have a woman using it to work in London. The only reason I found out was due to one of us being on benefits and another registered as working. I proved that I was the legit person at that point. I don’t know what happened to the person using my card number illegally. Then there is my records, what if the other Emma Thomson’s have got records mixed up with mine. They’re all in the same county under same council area apart from the top one. That could explain why I’ve found things that appear to be lies on my records. Someone may have just entered them under the wrong person because they didn’t check the date of birth or something.

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