Time zone Emma doesn’t feel affected by the clocks going forward (in the uk)

Apparently, according to my phone it’s half 7 in the morning. I am quite sure that is the correct time as modern mobile (cell) phones automatically update time zone changes nowadays. I just checked google to ensure that my phone is correct. I didn’t get much sleep because I fell asleep most of the day yesterday. I still managed to wash my hair and do a few bits. I got woken up by mister (cat) in the middle of the night after he decided to bring in a lively little mouse. The video below is before it started getting it’s own back on the cat. I felt like I was watching the cartoon Tom and Jerry. This mouse had a fighting spirit. He bit the cat’s paw every time he tried to flick at him with it. It jumped in his face trying to tease my cat. It was hilarious to watch as my cat actually gave up and eventually walked away because the mouse kept running around so much. The mice he catches normally are much more submissive but this particular one wasn’t letting anything get the better of him. They literally looked like they were scrapping at times.

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