The council can be frustrating! Includes details regarding my disability that I don’t routinely discuss.

I finally got round to putting in my disability blue badge application into the local county council a few days ago. I received an email this morning telling me they they were unable to process my application because I wasn’t eligible. I didn’t have enough points in my PIP award letter. That is fair enough until I read down the letter to discover that they haven’t even read what I attached to the application… they completely misquoted the amount of points listed in each category of my letter. They then go onto state that I can reapply by visiting the link below. Seriously, loving h err this council area is difficult being a disabled person. I have to prove that I’m eligible in the psychological distress category. I have to prove it is overwhelming that it stops me from going places.

I don’t normally go into details of my disability issues in public but tonight I’m going to make an exception . I’m fed up of growing up and living in a county that just doesn’t understand that we need to fight for more funding due to the unmet support needs of its residents. As residents with additional needs we have all had to fight this council for appropriate support and especially the right to not be labelled negatively due to how our disability affects us. Maybe if I start the ball rolling then others will start to be open about aspects of their lives. Maybe we will discover that those labelled criminal as a youngster actually wasn’t at all.

They talk about this psychological distress aspect. Well, let me go into my every day life for two minutes. I can get psychological trapped in my bed at times due to the anxiety aspect pinning me down like an invisible force. I don’t want to move and psychologically my anxiety won’t let me. I have to mentally break that invisible hold which is a battle in itself. Then I have to break the mental resistance against doing any plans I’ve made for they day. When it comes to relationships I’m probably always going to be single and a loner. I screw every single relationship up. I’m worse if I like someone as a person whether it’s friends or more. I get an overactive brain and my behavioural problems kick off big time. That also ends up in a battle which got me labelled a criminal as I grew up. I have a sunflower lanyard but I haven’t used it yet. I don’t adjust unless I feel that I need to do so. I grew up with the mindset they life just needs to be done whatever crops up regardless of personal circumstances.

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