Why am I ok for a while and then suddenly I’m not?

I was literally fine earlier. I felt better than I had in ages. Then, a few hours later … migraine time! I can’t sleep because now I’m uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel hot. I’m uncomfortably bloated because I’m still on my monthly. I think that is about to kick off again… at least it gave me a long enough break to be able to go for a walk earlier. I needed to get out for a while. I wasn’t able to go for a walk the day before due to my monthly kicking off. The day before that I was too tired due to insomnia. This week has gone fast. Thursday already! I have barely done anything. I have to quit being lazy in regard to university module. I have made sure I’m slightly in front of the scheduled weeks but I still don’t spend enough time studying. I’m a natural at putting things off until I really have to do them. The eggs don’t seem to be developing. I don’t have a proper incubator but just keeping them warm underneath my radiator in my small room. I’ve put a torch light onto them and so far I can’t see any blood vessels developing. I know it is supposed to take about a week so I haven’t given up yet. They may not hatch but at least I tried.

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